Twelve Month Property Mentorship Programme

The Twelve Month Property Mentorship Programme has been diligently crafted for people who are driven to make Passive Property Profits. Twelve months worth of mentoring with Trevor Cutmore will be key to owning and controlling property, learning up close from a national expert.

Set in an exclusive and intimate environment, you will gain a high level of working knowledge as a member of Table of Twelve – a group of just twelve people. All strategies to buy and control property will be covered; equipping you with the powerful knowledge you will apply to grow your property goals.

The programme will be led by Trevor in London and consists of two Full Day Training Events, Group Meetings, 1-2-1 Mentorship Sessions, support by telephone and email, and a lot more. Enrolment is by application only.

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Strategies & Principles

Over the twelve month period of the programme all current strategies to buy and control property will be covered.
It is crucial that these powerful strategies are supported by knowledge and practice of the necessary principles.


Buying Below Market Value
Options and the Multiple Ways of Use
Adding Value
Assisted Sales
Vendor Finance
Rent to Rent
Instalment Contracts
Commercial to Residential
Joint Venture Opportunities


 Due Diligence
 Recognising Structural Defects
 Wisdom to Walk Away
 Sourcing Deals
 Overcoming Objections
 Dealing with Agents
 Personal Development
 Staying on Course
 Point of Contact
 Reliable Expert Advice

Programme Details


The Twelve Month Property Mentorship Programme commences with a Full Day Training Event (food included.) Trevor will deliver a Masterclass on Property Investment, covering different strategies, negotiation, marketing, how to find deals, dealing with agents, understanding defects in properties, and live telephone calls on live real deals!

Power of The Group

Group Meetings will be held once a month by invitation to Trevor’s home. Learning as a small group in an exclusive and intimate setting has many benefits. It will enable a faster rate of learning where knowledge will be gained more effectively. It also provides Joint Venture Opportunities within the group.

Every member will benefit from confidential group discussions by learning from each other’s experiences. This is a unique opportunity to develop and accomplish your future success at an accelerated rate.

Trevor will deliver much of the training but guest speakers will also contribute to Property Training sessions.

The topic for each session will be determined by the availability of each external speaker, changes in legislation, and the collective needs of the group. Accessing the wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, coupled with the power of collective creative thinking can only lead to a greater degree of success and wealth.

Your deals will be looked at and scrutinised by Trevor and the group before you take the leap into investment. This has huge value, as it will help you avoid making costly mistakes.

The group session will be private and confidential. Only the speaker session will be videoed so members can re-visit them at a later time. The remainder of the evening will not be recorded.

Following the training there will be exclusive access to the speakers in order to grill them, allowing the teaching to land with full comprehension.


The programme includes a one hour monthly 1-2-1 Mentorship Session by Skype, and will usually be two weeks after the Group Meetings.

Led by Trevor or a designated mentor who specialises in your chosen strategies, the bespoke 1-2-1 Mentorship Sessions will set you bite size goals and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

This part of the programme will be tailored to your specific goals. This is where the rubber hits the road and your success is measured. By not completing the goals you will have a direct impact on the pace of your success. This process is designed to stretch you, and to encourage you to be accountable for your own growth.



Your mentor will be available to you with on going telephone and email support over the course of the programme.


There will be opportunities to Joint Venture with fellow Table of Twelve members and even Trevor Cutmore.


There is a network available that can be accessed and it will present deals that may be beyond your reach.


There will be collective buying opportunities for the group on courses, products, and services that can be purchased with a massive collective discount.

An example of this would be to promote properties on Rightmove for flips etc. Trevor has already agreed a massive discount for access to this service from Rightmove.

There will also be direct access to a Power Team who can cover every strategy available.

The Programme

Note:   If your partner joins there will be a 50% discount for the second person.   No mentorship or group meeting in August.

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